Bobcat Equipment South Africa further augments its immense range of over 130 attachments with the introduction of the new Industrial Wheel Mover to the South African market.

A first in South Africa, the unique and robust Bobcat Industrial Wheel Mover has been specially designed and engineered locally to ensure the safe, easy and efficient removal and perfect positioning of large wheels with diameters ranging from 36″ to 90″. Weighing 214kg, this workhorse boasts a lifting capacity of close to 1700 kg and is capable of safely handling tyres on any large vehicles or machinery operating in construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, and general industry.

According to Bobcat Equipment’s National Sales Manager, Andre Steenkamp, a very definite need was identified in the market place for this type of attachment which prompted Bobcat to design the Wheel Mover in partnership with a specialist company. “Changing or moving a large heavy tractor tyre or even sprayer tyres is simply no fuss with the Bobcat Industrial Wheel Mover attachment,” explains Steenkamp. “In addition to safety and convenience, this innovation can deliver massive savings to the end-user. Instead of having to halt production to commit an integrated tool handler or front end loader to remove a wheel, we offer companies a dedicated purpose-built attachment to do the job.”

Jan Stansfield, Key Accounts Manager at Bobcat Equipment South Africa, explains that the Industrial Wheel Mover attachment has no hydraulics and can be fitted to a pallet fork or connected with a standard Bobtach for skid steer loaders. The attachment features a right lean safety bar as well as a safety arm which is adjustable from side to side to fit around fenders and also holds the tyre in place during transportation. Three rollers fitted on each side facilitate tyre rotation.

The attachment’s economic design ensures very few wear and tear parts and features remarkably low operational and maintenance costs. “The Bobcat Industrial Wheel Mover offers a convenient, practical and affordable solution that will deliver a quick return on investment,” concludes Stansfield.

Bobcat has also designed a Tyre Safety Rack; easy to move with a fork lift or set of pallet forks on a front end loader, this versatile rack’s uprights are adjustable on the sides to fit different tyre sizes.

The Bobcat Industrial Wheel Mover further boosts the reputation of the Bobcat machine as the ultimate tool carrier.

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