Bobcat® S100 Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat® S100 Skid Steer Loader

The S100 is the ideal size to work quickly and efficiently on limited-access jobsites thanks to its radius lift pattern and its short wheel base.


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More than 20 attachments turn this small skid-steer loader into a problem-solving model. The Bob-TachTM mounting system makes changing attachments quick and easy.
The S100 is also easy to transport, giving you the benefit of handling multiple tasks at multiple sites in a single day.

Get even more with the Deluxe heated cab, the counterweights, the Power Bob-Tach™, the bucket position valve and the Deluxe instrument panel available as factory options.

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Compactness and limited weight

• The S100 is 1182 mm wide, 1878 mm high and 2929 mm long with a 50”/127 cm General Purpose bucket.
• A weight of 1800 kg allows easy transport on a trailer behind a medium sized car or truck.


• Increased the engine power by almost 34% or 8.5 HP with the 4 cylinder V1505-E2B KUBOTA engine vs previous 553
• Increased the hydraulic flow thanks to the use of D-series control valve and new hydraulic pumps; 20% more pump capacity or almost + 10 l/min
• A dedicated pump for the charge system
• Optional 40 kg counterweights that will put more weight on the cutting edge during digging. With empty bucket or without attachment, the counterweights will result in better balancing of the machine
• 30% improvement in cycle times vs 553

First class operator comfort

• Excellent visibility to the sides and front
• Custom-mode headlights providing outstanding light in the work area
• Easy-to-remove top and rear windows and side windows(no tools needed)
• A domed roof curved from front to back and side to side, helps shed water. The roof also has formed ribs that increase stiffness and dampen sound.
• Vibration is reduced thanks to shock-absorbent mounting cushions and a flex tube for the exhaust.

New instrument panel

• The S100 is equipped with a completely new instrument panel providing additional functions and diagnostic capabilities.


The Bobcat transmission features a centre chain tank design with several competitive advantages:

• A “bow-tie” drive chain design using pre-stressed, heavy-duty drive chains #80 HSOC in two short continuous loops per side
• Maintenance-free, except for 1000-hour oil change.
• Keel-shaped belly pan & greater ground clearance for a better enhanced performance and maneuverability
• Heat treated large diameter axles for a longer component life.
• Welded axle tubes with tight tolerances
• “flat top” transmission and adhesive sealing for a better cover sealing and reduced leakage
• Belt drive with automatic tensioner
• No chain or tensioning adjustment needed.

Serviceability: fast and easy

• All routine service points such as filters and air bleeding are easily accessible thanks to the large tail gate and the transversely mounted engine.

Attachment possibilities

• The shape of the Bob-Tach mounting system has changed from a flat design to a more open design, giving the operator better visibility to the attachment.
• The central tilt cylinder has been replaced by two cylinders, one on each side. This improves visibility and makes it easier to enter and exit the cab.

Machine Rating S100
Rated Operating Capacity
Tipping Load
Hydraulic Pump Capacity
System Relief at Quick Couplers
Travel Speed
6.4 MPH (10,3 km/hr)
10.4 km/h
MAX power at 3000 rpm
Torque at 17000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity
Operating Weight, 48inch Bucket
Operation Weight, 50inch Bucket
Vehicle Steering
Loader Hydraulics tilt and lift
Front Auxiliary (Standard)
Direction and speed controlled by two hand levers.
Separate foot pedals
Lateral movement of right-hand steering lever
Drive System
Transmission Infinitely variable tandem hydrostatic piston pumps, driving two fully reversing hydrostatic motors
Standard Features
Automatically activated glow plugs
High back cushion suspension seat
Bob-Tach Frame
Engine Shutdown
Operating lights, front and rear
Lift arm support
Operator Cab Deluxe
Parking Brake
Seat Belt
Seat Bar
Spark Arrestor Muffler
Heavy Duty Tyres 27×8.5-15 6-ply
Bobcat Heavy Duty
CE Certification

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