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Bobcat® 444

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Product Description

Bobcat® 444

Comfortable cab

The full-vision cab is acoustically insulated to keep the sound level down, providing a comfortable working environment. The suspension seat is fully adjustable for weight, height and backrest angle. A def ector on the front of the cab prevents water entering it, and keeps the operator dry even in the worse weather conditions.

Operator-friendly instrument panel

Conveniently located on the right-hand side of the operator, the instrument panel

displays clear information on all operating functions.


Anti-drop safety valve

Standard equipment includes a safety (antidrop) boom valve for lifting applications as well as a load moment device to keep the operator informed of the stability limit of the excavator. If necessary, the load moment device can be switched off. The standard equipment also includes an anti-drop valve for the blade.


Exceptional stability

The rugged oversized undercarriage ensures exceptional longitudinal and

lateral stability.

Weights 444
Operating weight
Additional weight for 500 mm steel tracks
Additional weight for 800 mm steel tracks
Additional weight for long dipperstick
Additional weight for articulated boom
12500 kg
300 kg
910 kg
70 kg
300 kg
Make / model
Fuel / Cooling
Maximum power at 2100 RPM (DIN 70020)
Maximum torque at 1600 RPM (SAE Net)
Number of cylinders
Bore / Stroke
Deutz / BF-4M-2012 turbo
Diesel / Liquid
69.0 kW
385 Nm
4.0 l
94 mm / 115 mm
12 V — 55 A — open frame with internal regulator
12 V — gear reduction type — 3.1 kW
Steering Direction and speed controlled by two pilot-operated hand levers or pedals
Hydraulic System
Pump type
Piston pump capacity
Gear pump capacity
Auxiliary fl ow
Control valve
One engine-driven piston pump and two gear pumps
158 l/min
41.4 + 36.0 l/min
100 l/min
Digging force, dipperstick
Digging force, bucket
Drawbar pull
Ground pressure with rubber tracks
Travel speed, low range
Travel speed, high range
Maximum digging depth
61000 N
81500 N
82000 N
43.0 kPa
2.7 km/h
5.4 km/h
4330 mm
Slew System
Boom swing, left
Boom swing, right
Slew circleSlew drive
Slew rate
Single row shear-type ball
bearings with internal gear
Axial piston motor with spring applied disk brake
9.0 RPM
Track width
Number of track rollers per side
500 mm
1 top, 7 bottom
Travel brake
Slew brake
Spring applied, hydraulically released, multi-disk brake
Spring applied, hydraulically released, multi-disk brake
Fluid Capacities
Cooling system
Engine lubrication plus oil fi lter
Fuel reservoir
Hydraulic reservoir
Hydraulic system with bucket and dipper cylinder retracted, bucket on the ground, and blade down
12.0 l
10.0 l
190.0 l
140.0 l140.0 l