Angle Broom

Angle Broom

Sweep a clean path easily and efficiently with the hydraulically-driven angle broom attachment. Quick removal jobs can be completed without damaging pavement surfaces.

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The broom bristles have a waved design, delivering more surface clearing ability. This clears a cleaner path and can sweep more snow or debris in one pass. The angle broom attachment is compact, maneuverable and easy to operate, replacing manual labor and hand brooms. Clean small and large areas with less effort and in less time.

The angle broom is one of Bobcat’s most efficient products. It is the attachment that helps you clear your path by sweeping it flawlessly and with ease. It is simple to use and extremely efficient in clearing any path. The hydraulically-driven angle broom attachment helps in the removal of unwanted particles from the pavement or the substances that lay around your path. You can get rid of unwanted specks from your pavement surfaces with much ease using this handy angle broom.

The broom bristles are precision-built by experts after exhaustive research to provide the best quality and long lasting user experience. Angle broom bristles deliver smooth cleaning because of their one of a kind wave design technology. The clearing ability gets enhanced every time you clean the debris.
You can sweep snow, leaves, or dirt – whatever you want – with the Bobcat angle broom. Like all Bobcat products, it comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and it is cost effective. Operating the angle broom is extremely easy and simple, and it takes care of both large and small areas without any difficulty.

Top Uses

  • Clear away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris
  • Effective on driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, warehouses and more



  • Compact Design: Designed for maximum efficiency, the angle broom attachment is compact and highly maneuverable.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quick-change rotor design makes bristle replacement quick and easy. By simply removing two bolts, the entire rotor is released.
  • Angle Control: The smaller broom has manual angle up to 30 degrees left or right. The larger brooms feature electric-over-hydraulic control to provide infinite angle adjustment up to 25 degrees of angle adjustment to the left or right.
  • Fingertip Controls: Precise attachment control helps to finish the job quickly and efficiently, without having to leave the comfort of the cab – applies to larger brooms with electric-over-hydraulic angle only.
  • Flush Sweeping: Get as close as you want. Improved sweeping efficiency allows for flush sweeping to a curb or wall on the right side.
  • High-Torque Motor: With heavier materials and debris, the high-torque motor allows for maximum power for more efficient sweeping.
  • Storage Stands: Larger brooms include storage stands to provides maximum uptime protection by eliminating bristle distortion when the broom is not in use. On 68-inch and 84-inch angle broom attachments, the stands use a lever to swing the legs up or down. In the down position the legs are closer to the bristles to make attachment to the machine easier.
  • Patented Spring Design: Provides optimum down-pressure, extended bristle life and excellent cleaning ability (not available on 48-inch).
  • Bristles: Proven, replaceable, wafer polypropylene bristles provide excellent life and clean ability. Bristles have excellent durability and provide perfect flicking action for superior cleaning.

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