Bobcat Attachments

Bobcat Attachments
Bobcat genuine attachments are precision built with slopes and clean cuts. The torque can help in challenging projects such as brush cutting projects or agricultural projects, and the hydraulic breaker attachment has a power booster that can enhance your machine’s durability in the long run.

You can always choose the option of buying attachments in order to boost your machine’s longevity and to add dynamic usability. You can, therefore, customize your Bobcat construction equipment by adding attachments. Every machine has different attachments and you can choose from their inexhaustible list, including bushcat rotary cutter, breaker brush saw, auger attachment, backhow attachment, bale fork, angle broom, bucket attachments, forestry cutter attachment, pallet fork attachment, planer, trencher, vibratory roller, hydraulic breaker, steel tracks, sweeping attachments, wheel saws, and many more.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when it comes to any Bobcat product. Their machines and attachments are specifically designed to enhance durability and reliability. Whether you are looking for agricultural projects or sight projects, Bobcat covers them all.

  • Angle Broom

    Sweep a clean path easily and efficiently with the hydraulically-driven angle broom attachment. Quick removal jobs can be completed without damaging pavement surfaces.

  • Auger Attachment

    Dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy using a Bobcat® auger attachment. Using heavy-duty hydraulics, the auger attachment bites into any soil condition with ease and efficiency.



  • Backhoe Attachment

    Turn your Bobcat® loader into a powerful excavator with the digging force of the backhoe attachment.

  • Bale Fork

    Use the handy bale handler to transport and load round bales from the ground onto a trailer or into a bale feeder.



  • Breaker Brush Saw

    Cut away brush and clear small trees with the brush saw attachment (also known as a brush cutter).



  • Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter

    Handle tough brush-clearing jobs easily with the industry-leading Brushcat™ rotary cutter attachment designed and built for applications in construction, agriculture, municipalities, and parks-and-recreation departments.


  • Bucket Attachments

    General purpose buckets are ideal for light-duty grading and leveling applications as well as material handling. These buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style.



  • Drop Hammer Attachment

    thumbnail of BOBCAT DROP HAMMER

  • Forestry Cutter Attachment

    Turn trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch with the forestry cutter attachment.


  • Hydraulic Breaker

    Bobcat’s hydraulic breaker is here to maximize the efficiency of any excavator or compact loader.

  • Other Attachments

    Bobcat has the largest list of attachments available in the entire industry today, and every attachment is built to match the supreme performance that your Bobcat machine has been built with.

  • Pallet Fork Attachment

    Compact equipment provides tremendous carrying capacities in a small package.


  • Planer

    Cutting through concrete and milling asphalt are no easy jobs, but with the Bobcat planer attachment, they’ve never been easier to handle.

  • Steel Tracks

    When you’ve got to work over muddy, rough, and rocky conditions, just strap a pair of steel tracks over the wheels of your Bobcat loader and get going when the going gets tough.

  • Sweeping Attachments

    One of Bobcat’s most versatile attachments ever include its line of sweeping attachments.

  • Trencher

    If you’re looking for a rugged, heavy-duty piece of machinery that you can trust, look no further than Bobcat genuine parts and products.

  • Vibratory Roller

    The vibratory roller attachment operates as serious as it looks. You can run it in forward drive or reverse, and it hard-packs with a big punch either way.

  • Wheel Saws

    Cut through a variety of surfaces with the wheel saw attachment.