Mini paver Pavijet MG7

Mini paver Pavijet MG7 – Specifications and Features

Paving width: 7.87″ to 74.80″ (.2m to 1.9m)

Paving height: from -1.97″ to 9.84″ (-5cm to 25cm)

Hopper capacity:49.44 cubic feet (1.4 cubic meters)

Oil flow: 15.85 gal/min (60 l/min)

Paving speed: up to 82.02’/min (25m/min)

Hydraulic pressure: 2,611 psi (180 bar)

Weight: 1,567 lbs. (711 kg)

Vibration (optional): 60 Hz

Paving direction: forward

Paving material: cold or hot (heated by LPG)

Hot paving temperature: 140 degrees

Feeding: front and lateral

Commands: from the loader or by radio control

Functions: All Hydraulic

Auger’s diameter: 7.87″ (200 mm)

Machinery washing: with a manual pump

Paint: anti-corrosive

Colors: grey and yellow

Certification: EC conformity

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