Bobcat reaches new heights with T40180 telescopic handler

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Bobcat reaches new heights with T40180 telescopic handler

The T40180 telescopic handler from Bobcat Equipment South Africa features the latest developments in boom design and construction. Simple and modern, light and yet strong, the boom has a built-in counter-bow to ensure straightness when extended under full load.

A large contact surface between the supporting pads and the boom segments allows for a smoother telescoping action and reduced pad wear. The boom is easy to maintain, with a compensator cylinder to enable self-levelling of the fork carriage. The fact that the boom pivots at the rear of the machine extends the working range even further.

, Bobcat reaches new heights with T40180 telescopic handlerThe Bobcat T40180 can lift 4 000 kg to a maximum lifting height of over 17 m of lifting height. Excellent visibility translates into optimal efficiency when moving forward to mount attachments or pick up loads, upward for positioning loads at maximum height, and all-round for manoeuvring backwards for safety, Bobcat Equipment South Africa National Sales Manager Brian Rachman highlights.

A crane jib attachment can even translate this telescopic handler into a crane. An extension jib increases lift and reach with a hook. This allows the Bobcat T40180 telescopic handler to position loads in places that are otherwise difficult to access.

The winch is indispensable to raise and lower loads, without having to move the boom. It features a proportional control system for precise load positioning. Equipped with either fixed or floating pallet forks, the telescopic handler combines materials-handling with a rough-terrain capability.

The working platform provides for maximum flexibility, and simplifies and speeds up access work, eliminating the need for scaffolding and safety nets. The platform is fast and easy to set up, and can accommodate several workers at the same time. The platform, which rotates 90° right and left, can be operated with remote radio control.

The Bobcat T40180 has two fully-adjustable stabilisers that move independently for precise positioning. Stowed or deployed, they do not detract from the compactness or effectiveness of the machine. Self-levelling and side shift are both possible due to the wheels and stabilisers. Moreover, both operations can be carried out simultaneously, without any loss of load capacity.

The banking corrector can be used to level the telehandler for safe, optimum load positioning on slanted surfaces. A four-function joystick allows for precise proportional control of any combination of movements. The telescoping action of the boom sections is proportional and smooth, without any loss of hydraulic power.

A special safety feature is the Aggravating Movements Arrestor (AMA), which provides both longitudinal and lateral stability control. When the maximum authorised capacity is approached, a red load-status light flashes. An audio overload alarm is triggered when the load limit is reached, stopping all hydraulic movements, except for boom retraction to return to a safe state.

The cab has been designed with the operator at the forefront, and aims to provide an exceptional work environment with a new level of comfort. This ensures the operator remain alert at all times, thereby improving the overall safety of a work site.

The rounded cab design features a large front window to maximise visibility of the attachment, no matter the height or reach. A large rear window increases rear visibility for spatial awareness and accurate rear movements. The optimal design of the protective roof grid increases the protection level, while also ensuring that the attachment is visible at full height.

The Bobcat T40180 telescopic handler has an overall length (including bucket) of 2 850 mm, an overall height of 1 614 mm, an overall width of 2 394 mm, a maximum forward reach of 13 700 mm, an operating weight base of 10 790 kg, and a rated maximum travelling speed of 30 km/h.

, Bobcat reaches new heights with T40180 telescopic handler

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